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  1. I have attempted to take clones from a SSH and Nevilles haze. I used the root tech rooting gel and i have FF lightwarrior for the medium, the nevilles still seems to be keeping itself up with a little bit of the leaves drooping and the SSh just wont even keep itself up and the leaves are drooping. What the hell am i doing wrong?
  2. You're probably keeping the soil/medium to wet. That is what usually will cause drooping. When the medium stays to wet, it chokes off the oxygen supply to the root zone. Roots need o2 to grow and thrive. Try letting the medium dry out a bit. It should be slightly damp at best. Here is how I make clones, and the method has served me well:

  3. thank you im going to move them right now to see what happens
  4. Yup made that same mistake a couple times. Once those guys dry out a little they should rally!!
  5. went and took a new cutting and put it in the rooting hormone for the SSH and still have the drooping of the leaves and stem have it under a T5 and i haven't given it alot of water. Anybody have any advice?
  6. The T 5 might be too much light.........Get a CFL with a clamp fixture or maybe a desk lamp.I use a 40watt equivalent CFL.......they don't need much light when freshly cut. They will usually appear droopy when fresh cut, but they'll stand up within hours. Don't be impatient and don't get discouraged.........once you get that first set of'll be off and running!
  7. i have the T5 about 3-4 feet away from the cuttings cause i also have the mothers in there too
  8. hey chunkdaddyo i have a quick question about the rockwool cloning, i have advanced nutrients jumpstart and it is about 3 months old and has been sealed but it seems to smell different now, my clones have not been working and i am thinking this may be the reason,i am cutting off a healthy plant, not giving them too much water, water is decent temP(how warm is yours)and i am just using a single flouro tube,would aprrectiat your input thanks alot.

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