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Discussion in 'General' started by streetballa, May 24, 2003.

  1. well if you are new to this site sorda like me be careful and dont give out your name or age or anything because i heard undercover cops come on on here and search for people who give out there info
  2. thats just a rumor, there may be some truth to it or it may be completly false who knows.

    Giving out full info like your first AND last name or your address or phone number or anything like that proally isnt the smartest idea.

    This site is alot safer than most people think.

    Im about 99.9% no one on here has ever gotten busted by cops for posting on here. People say the cops can get your ip and trace your adress but thats actually not true, only the MODS of this site can see that info, if the cops wanted to see it they would have to get that information from the site owners and they would need a warent to be able to do that. And as far as i know the site owners have never said anything about the cops showing up to their houses with a warrent requesting peoples information, if that did happen im sure they would have told us.

    As you can see it would be quite a task to get enough info on someone to bust them, i have a few cop friends and i can tell you they would not go through all that trouble and waste that much tax dollars just to arrest a pot head...growers and dealers i could see it but not just smokers.

  3. and a risky one at that.

    i'm happy giving out my name and whatever because i'm not scared of the cops... they can drag my ass to court if they want.... I'll kick up such a great debate as i co-represent myself ... correction... represent cannabis that it would do far more good than harm for the legalisation process.
  4. i dont think cops would waist time trying to hunt down a few stoners, when they have terrorists, and rapists to worry about. i am not scared to give out a little bit of info.... just not too much.
  5. ok, there's a lot of things out there that can help protect you from them finding where you live (and by 'them' i mean the government, not cops). proxy servers, firewalls, etc. can help you out... but as far as them not being able to get the info at all... that's a myth.

    dont forget... the government employs the best hackers/computer geniuses in the world. if they wanted to go after someone they knew was a big time dealer/grower they could. and they'd only have to find someone who could break through GC's security (if people can hack into gov. sites, i'm sure they can get into GC as well).

    but yeah... as long as you don't post too much info about yourself you don't gotta worry (ie. don't go tellin' everyone that you're a dealer and shit like that).
  6. They can get you, but it takes effort and warrants to do it so that they can legally arrest you. More effort than it's worth to take out a stoner. Somewhere people are selling real drugs. That's where the attention should be.
  7. i got the cottons, they wouldnt hack the site to get your information. that would be so illegal and it would never hold up in court. Like i said above to get our info they would have to get a warrent to seize that info, and the owner of the site has to be notified that thhere is a warrent, so even if they did hack the site they would have to get a warrent and then tell the site owner to either give up info or they would get it themselves.

    Only way someone should be worried on here is if they are a big grower or dealer and allways talk about it. But if your a big grower or dealer and you talk about it all the time you wont last long anyways.
  8. i wouldn't worry too much about that......Sj has it set-up so that if they did try to get the info he can destroy the whole site in seconds........and open it up from holland and then they really can't touch it then.......Peace out......Sid
  9. i guess no one remembers Bush making it so they no longer need warrents to get information about you from the net? anyone remember 9-11? or hear about operation homeland security? they took away several of our rights, and any info gathered about us from the net WILL hold in court.

    just because they can doesn't mean they will though. not unless you give out too much info. just be smart and you'll be fine :D
  10. I posted about the Patriot Act not too long ago, Cottons. You're right.

    The fact is that you have to be careful with what info you give matter where you are. If you're smart, then you're in the clear and have nothing to worry about it.
  11. Oh.. Thats fuckin awsome. I always thought the servers were setup in holland, and they could get the info if they wanted to.

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