Helpful description of "moist soil"

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by HippyChic, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Hi all! I've never found a good description of what "moist soil" is supposed to feel like, soooooooooo here's what I came up with..

    M.J. likes it DRY! Think of it's roots like your crotch and the soil around it like a jock strap- you know the difference between DAMP balls and SWEATY balls... Stick your finger down in the soil ALL the way to your knuckle. Does the soil feel DAMP? (good) or SWEATY? (Bad) ..... :eek:

    Or for us girls out there - the soil should feel as moist as a new kitchen sponge right when you take it out of the package..

    Hope this helps! :wave:

  2. Awesome description:laughing:
  3. :D that description is very helpful considering i am very familiar with myself......:p
    haha i like it
  4. haha good description :hello:
  5. You boys are lucky! Always having something right "at hand" to compare with.......LOL :D
  6. Hey Hippychic, welcome to grass city.
  7. my balls feel powdery and smell like goldbond. I don't think that would be good for my soil. But the sponge thing is a great comparison.
  8. Hi! Thanks for the welcome! It's nice to finally have something to contribute back to this great community. I've been lurking here for months just reading and reading and reading so I wouldn't have to ask all the same noob ?'s that've been asked a million times already.

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