Helped a man to his feet just now.

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  1. So there's a shopping center right in front of my row of townhomes, and one at the corner as well. Really convenient! As I'm crossing the street, I see a man on a hill.

    It's rainy out today, and I saw this guy struggling to get to his feet on said hill. It looked like he was trying to pull himself up the hill to the parking lot's pavement, where his van was.

    Of course, many people are just fucking dickheads with no regard for human life at all; cars and shit whizzing by, slowing down to see who it was, and then continuing on their course again.

    I'm walking and I'm still looking back at the guy, figuring that it's his van that's on there. I stop and head towards him, he sees me and flags me down. Says his legs gave out. Old guy so I can see why it would have happened, but I'm wondering wtf he was doing on a wet slippery hill anyway. He isn't youthful and virile like me anymore, but whatever.

    I fireman's carry him to the pavement and set him down where he keeps his balance and manages to get into his van where he rests, thanks me, and drives off. As I continue on my endless trek to the safeway, I noticed a car with a cute bitch in it. There was a female human too, but the dog (i'm assuming it was female) was all cute and cuddly. Her facial expression is all "What happened" and I shrug and say "Couldn't get up, I guess." and walk off.

    On second thought, I should have sexed this woman.

    Now as I'm typing this, I hear ambulances and shit. Hope he didn't lose control/feeling in his legs and get all crashed up.

    I can't believe people were just driving by and not helping him. Sorta makes me mad.
  2. wtf why didn't you sex her you pussy

    +rep for helping a disabled person
  3. Wait - what? Were you talking about sexing the dog or the woman? I'm confused!!
  4. ......
  5. How high are you? Once you have answered this the thread may proceed.
  6. Awww +rep for helping him. How can people see someone struggling and not do anything about it? Especially a senior citizen. I <3 old people...I have a soft spot for them....they are great (the non grumpy ones) :) I'm glad you helped him. I hope he's okay.
  7. i don't see why you expect anyone to stop in a rainy day to help this dude. i know it would be a nice thing, but, i don't think anyones heart is big enough to stop and help as they see fit. you'd be like a broke, dirty, homeless jesus figure who performs no miracles but gets off to helping others. then there would be all sorts of psychological problems, where you feel the need to help others bc some traumatic childhood event. but it was nice of you to help the old man, just bringing your ideal view of humanity down a couple notches. sorry, man.
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    That's an interesting take on altruism... :rolleyes: :smoke:
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    +rep for being a good person

    I've seen a lot of threads like this lately - it's awesome.

    Keep doing the right thing guys, it'll pay off in the long run.

    It's about doing the right thing regardless of the situation. It's not about 'getting off' to it - you do it for no personal reason. It's selflessness, something some of you guys know nothing about.

    If you were that old man wouldn't you want someone to stop and help you? His fucking legs went out for christs sake. He couldn't walk, might've fallen down the hill.
  10. -rep for not stealing the old guys wallet and pushing him down the hill.
  11. +rep dude! No matter what the dicks say, you're awesome! Keep it up bro

  12. Make that VERY few. Even love, I can't think of one person with selfless love for their spouse. They don't love them selflessly without expecting anything back, otherwise it wouldn't hurt when that spouse left or died, because if they left the only reason your upset is because YOUR sense of BEING LOVED is gone. Selfless love implies loving someone for the sole reason of them being happy, and them being happy is your main priority. If they aren't happy with you anymore, you wouldn't be upset because you only want them to be happy, and do not feel the need to be loved in return for your love.

    You see this alot in relationships where problems happen because one partner feels the other isn't "putting equal effort into the relationship".
  13. Good karma my friend.

  14. It's weird that helping an old person laying on the ground in the rain is somehow out of the ordinary...

    Sometimes it seems like people only do good deeds for the chance to tell other people about it...
  15. Good to see people with a sense of decency exist in this world. + rep and this hit's for you :hello:

  16. sometimes the grumpy ones can be funny!!!:rolleyes:

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