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  1. please help me!!! I am a first time grower and i have limited space to grow in! i don't know much about growing anything any input would really help. recently i got a plant started and it is about 3 1/2 - 4 inches. i still live in my house with my parents and have no place but my room to grow in. i need help on ideas about the best way to do this. also i am working on a very verry limited budget, but i really want to follow through with this. please someone respond quick and help me out. don't forget that i have to worry about my parents so if u have any ideas on that too it would help.
  2. dood you're gonna need a closet or somethin to lock up. Maybe use fluro lights to keep costs down. Maybe use scrog to keep the plants short, you can hide them easier. Anything worth smoking will start to stink when flowering, so that might be your biggest worry. Do you have an attic they just use for junk or anything?

    Really risky man, but depends on what your folks are like. Are they always in your shit, or do you have privacy?


  3. I don't necessarily have to worry about my parents. they're pretty cool about the whole weed smokin thing. but they'll be pissed if the electric bill is really high. i found a place i can grow in but i ran into a new problem. the bottome of the stem is really weak and the plant hasn't really gotten much taller, maybe an inch 1/2 or so. I need some ideas on any kind of fertilizer that it needs. please reply, the input was helpful, but i need s'more.
  4. Sounds more likely to be a light problem rather than nutrients, the plant must get at least 18hours a day. Do not use ferts etc on seedlings, you will probably just kill them, most plants need to be around 3/4 weeks before you should need any ferts.
    good luck
  5. i appreciate the help!! but i got s'more ?'s i don't know if this is a dumb question but can i put it under a lamp at night and leave it in my windosil during the day or with that screw up the light process or somethign. also the plant is in kind of a small pot......when should i repot it into a bigger pot? Anyways....thanx for all the help, all i want is some free buds, i don't care how much i get, as long as i get a little. i live in hawaii and the fuckin buds here are expensive!!! about $500 a half Oz. im not in it for the money, i just love weed, so thanx for the help and don't get pissed when i keep asking questions.

    If im not back in 10 minutes; call the police.

    Man if he ain't back in 10 minutes, we callin Dominos!!!
  6. if the sun bright more than 15 hours a day in jammaica i suggest you to put it somewhere outside the sun in jammaica is realy better than fluro but if you got less then 15 hours or any problem you might ave that you cant put it outside. i suggest you to put it under a fluro with 18 hours of light

    take care
  7. btw to answer your question. dont put it under incadescent light. that not work. but if you want to put like 12 hours on the windows and give it the rest under a artificial light then i suggest you to put it under a fluro light

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