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    So this is my first grow, and I am quite pleased with it. However, one of my plants leaves suddenly started curling up( like a taco ), and drying out.
    heres a picture of it

    Uploaded with ImageShack.usI have been giving them distilled water throughout the whole cycle, fox farms soil and nutes, 24 hr lighting, 75-77 degrees, 45-55% humidity. I thought it might be because of nute burn, but i dont understand how only one plant would get affected?

    Please help!!
  2. anyone?
  3. si that one plant a different strain by chance?
  4. Whats your ph?
  5. the guy i got the clones from said they are both purple wreck, but i believe the one on the left is different. as for ph, i have no idea. i plan on buying a ph meter asap.
  6. just got a ph/light/moistness meter. looks like the ph is around 6.5

    maybe a nutrient deficiency?
  7. I want to say nut burn, or nitrogen d. leaning twards nut burn.
    Are they clones from the same mother, and have you been watering both with the same watering can/container?

    reason for asking during one of my last rounds I grew 2 (same strain) plants from seed, when they grew it was clear they were the same but different traits, they recieved the same amount of soil, water, and ferts. One exibited signs of N def. earilier and much more worst than the other. If yours are from dif mother plants this could be the issue where even though you medium and water is thee same the plants are different and need slight different levels of nuts. This was my observation and adjustingn the levels of nuts to be specific to the plant was how I delt with it.
  8. they are said to be from the same mother, and yes i have been watering with the same can/ same nutes for each plant. I am just gonna feed it purified water for a week, and then go to 1/4 nutes and see how it goes, thanks for the help guys
  9. if that is the case it sounds like a solid plan. Nut lock on the one plant might be an option too.
  10. I may have found the problem! as i was inspecting the plant today I knowticed little fruit fly like bugs, would these have anything to do with the problem? I ran oout and bought some sticky pads to try and kill them all? i heard this is from over watering, but i may be wrong, could somebody help me out?

    edit: I also looked at the soil on both plants and I couldn't seem to find any in the plant to the right, so i am almost positive this is the reasoning.
  11. to get rid of the fruit fly here is a cheap trap you can make. get a water bottle cut the top off and stick it back in the bottle upside down. then get some apple cider vinegar or fruity liquor and pour a little in the bottle. about 1/2 inch then put a couple drops of dish soap. the soap breaks the surface tension so they fall in and drown also if they don't drown they don't know how to get out and they die. also cover the top of your soil with sand 1-2 inches will prevent the flys from laying eggs in your soil. they dont like the sand..
  12. thanks!!
  13. check my journal!

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