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  1. I bought two clones from my local dispensary and one of the leaves is beginning to turn yellow, any suggestions? My otger clone and seedling both look healthy. This is first time growing, I live in co and have my med card and joined this site so hopefully I wnt grow in the "dark"

  2. What are they in?

    Lately I have used just ewc and pro mix on seedlings and for cuts. This seems to be the cat's ass for me. A top dress of ewc might be the ticket for your cuts health......MIW
  3. Hey there haydin and welcome to Grass City.

    It's difficult to diagnose with such little information and no pictures. Since two of your three plants are doing well, simple trouble shooting techniques suggest that you are doing something different to the one that is not so well, as compared to the two healthy ones. So as obvious as it may (or may not) seem, you want to figure what you are doing different to your ill one. Or conversely, what you are doing different to the two healthy plants.

    Yellowing is generally a sign of your plant having difficulty getting it's nitrogen fix from your growing medium (which we have no idea what that may be). This can be caused by a lot of different things. First thing to check is your Two's. Two much water? Too little? hopefully you're not feeding your plants yet (that would be too much food)?

    Is your suffering plant near a window and getting too cold? Is the suffering plant in a different growing medium than the other two?

    MIW's advice is good and if I had some ewc's a bit as top dressing might be a great thing to do.
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    This is the issue I was referring too, it's in fox farm soil, it's already got the nutrients added but this has spread today on my clone and I see potential signs on my second what do I do? I moved my light up a lil cause it was suggested to me they were burning which I found unlikely because of mydistance between light and plant.
  5. image-953402786.png

    This is from a different angle same clone
  6. My grow room is my closet and I'm running a 400 watt hps light and have two fans in there temp is good hovering around 77-80 degrees, and I'm using distilled water for my plants, I dnt think I'm overwatering them, i let thesoil completely dry before I water them and no water comes out of the bottom of my pots.
  7. Uh, you're not helping us at all, to help you. What size light? How close is it?
  8. It's 400 watts and is 8-10 incessant away
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    Might be leaf burn. I would take it up to 14 inches away. At least. You want an HID to be a bit far for the first week or two after transplant, in order to harden up the plants a bit. If it has been at a dispensary, most likely it grew up under a fluro system which is just not as intense a light as an HID.

    A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to put your hand over the plants and not feel like your hand is burning from your light. With a transplant even more so than normal.

    Consider investing in a hygrometer if you don't have one already. You want to know what your average temps and rh are.

    Where most folks fail is in creating a good environment for their plants. A hygrometer is crucial for knowing what is going on.
  10. Haydini,

    See if you can get some earthworm castings/vermicomost from a worm farmer on your local craigslist. Top dress your clone and water it in and let the microbes in the EWC work with the plant to get back on a path to good health.

    Don't freak out about the yellowing after your EWC application, just observe to make sure that the new emerging growth is green and healthy, The yellow and yellowing leaves will eventually die and fall off but you should have plenty of new growth by then.

    This won't be the last time you experience this, it happens and isn't the end of the world. the most important thing to learn here however is that you don't need to go chasing the deficiency/fix solution. Let the microbes be the hero.

    Good luck bro and welcome to Grasscity,

  11. Haydini, you must spread some reputation around before giving it to Chunkdaddyo again.
  12. Thankyou for all the help I hope the problem stabilizes soon, if not you will be hearing from me again Fo sho, thanks for the warm welcome and diverse opinions
  13. To me it looks like either burn from the light. I see in one of the pics that the plant has been misted with water. Which is just fine to foliar feed and mist but only while they are not under the full intensity of light. This will DEFINITELY cause leaf burn. I learned this my very first grow that ended up with me yanking all of my girls.

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