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  1. Hey blades, a couple weeks ago me and a couple of friends decided as a joke we would go plant some dro seeds in this sump right near my apartment. It turned out we went to go check on them on 420 and to our suprise 4 sprouts were up and they looked healthy. Now the question is would i be able to transplant these into my apartment and grow them either in my room or at one of my friends backyards and have them flower. ??????

    thanks for your help blades and keep tokin' :D
  2. Let me clear this up for everybody. There is no such thing as hydroponic seeds. Hydroponics is the medium in which the plant is grown. Just because the seeds came from a plant that was grown hydro doesnt mean that the seeds are going to be hydro. Now the plants that have sprouted are organic and can be transplanted to other places. Your buddies backyard would be best for the fact that they started outdoors. Make sure not to damage any roots in the process or disturb them. This will cause transplant shock and kill the plants. Be very very very gentle in the moving process. Its good when jokes turn out to be that good.
  3. Thanks science, yeah i didnt know that shit about hydro seeds. I though since the seeds came from a hydro grown plant that it would be the same shit but w.e im too high for all that technical shit haha. BUt yeah if i let the plants grow out there do you think they would budd. I just went and checked on them and they look great. Theres a lot of on and off rainy sunny days lately so there getting a big boost :D
  4. Hey man dont sweat it. Most people dont really care about all that science stuff as long as it gets you blazed right?(LOL) But yeah if you leave them there and then just check on them, make sure that it will be hot enough outside for them to veg and flower right and you got yourself some badass plants brother. Also be careful to watch for spectaters and animals. I had a crop of 144 plants growing about 300 miles away and we would camp out there every weekend (friday-sunday) and about 2 weeks before they were ready for harvest my grow partners and I came out and almost everything was gone because of wildlife sack of shit animals. But with only 4 plants just watch out for bunnies and goefers, little animals like that. You can get some chicken wire and put it around the base. Should be fine.
  5. Yeah thats usually what people think when they have no idea about how growing works.
  6. mabey you should give all your plants to the dude on here you robbed, or anyone else you like to mug for that matter. You obviously dont know shit about growing any ways since you asked the hydro question
  7. how do you rob someone on a forum?
  8. He didn't. He tried to rob someone by giving them dutch guts in a wrapped bag and then grabbed them and tried to pull them into the car. The guy got away though relatively unharmed and with all his $.

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