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  1. my plants are all around 2 weeks old but are about 6 inches talll..... VERY TALL... and the leaves on top are still soooo small.. ihave heard about stretching out maybe that is what the problem is....i have them in pots inside and i out them in the window during the day.... two of the plants are yellowish and a tad droopy, but the other ones are all fine just real tall for 2 weeks... thank you
  2. yea sounds like its stretching, move the light closer
    what type of soil, watering scheduel, where youre at on the plante (since youre growin with the sun) no,no,no,....JUST READ!!!!!:devious:
  4. stupid miracle grow pottin soil, i live in north east, usa, i have watered them 4 times in two weeks. the ones that are yellow... i watered them yesterday because i didnt realize how quickly this pottin soil dries out... ( not just on the top ) it was dry for more than 2 inches down... so tha could be it... thnanks
  5. is that MG continuious or timed release fertilizer?
    people tend to shy away from that stuff because the fers burn an un established plant ... ive never had a problem with the continuious release but people will blame this right away ..... i myself have been trying to get some sunshine mix to run a comparison .... have some shultz thats continuious release thats goin side by side w/MG and the results are in favor of the shultz.....
    i also dont think theyve got enough light hours at this point to soley grow in a window ..... maybe around sunset when the final orange rays are fading, put her under a HPS to equal a full 18 hr day ... in my head, this wont play tricks on the plant with such crazy spectrum changes ..... like if you were to put it under a warm flurosent after several hrs of real sun they tend to herm or be males at final 0.02:smoking:
  6. +rep to you FADIOUS for an informative post. what FADIOUS said is perfectly true. the biggest problem that newbie outdoor growers make is planting too early/late and ending up with less than satisfactory results. with the light the way it is where you are at the moment, you would be better off with each plant under a compact swirl fluroescent,(with the light about 2" away from the top of the plant.) until the days become a little sunnier and longer. they should then be big enough to put outside.
    Just Blaze It.....
  7. wow very informative... thakn you all very much... that must be the problem then.. i wud have them in the window till around 600... then my dad wud come home, so they wud be in complete dark until i woke up around 9... i will make the necessary changes.. thanks once again so much

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