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  1. hey whats up city i have a bit of a prob u see iam a new grower and my plants are grow tall and skinny wit only 3 leafs i mean is this nomel i mean is it just how thay grow and one more thing i plaint 2 seeds well thay grew but now out to of the soil more are growin but i only plainted 2 and i have like ten growin.

  2. lol, we can't access YOUR harddrive. Host the images or attach them to your post. What kind of lights? soil? nutrients?
  3. umm i have um......just a reglur lamp wit a 75 watt bulb in it soil from the backyard and i put some all purpose plant food its called kgro from k-mart lol.
  4. get rid of that bulb and go back to Kmart and pick up a compact flourescent bulb. Look for one that has a color temp of 6500K or as close as you can get to that (cool white). That will grow your plant much better and allow you to get the bulb within one inch of your plant. Put it in a bigger pot with better soil (supersoil from home depot is good) and mix in some vermiculite.

    Next step is to start reading every post in the growing forums here. READ READ READ READ and once you've done that, READ some more. Use the search button. The SEARCH on this forum should become your best friend.

    Peeps here don't mind helping out beginners. What we do hate is lazy people that don't wnat to put any time into finding their own answers to questions that have been asked a hundred times.
  5. Hi lotsofmj,
    Welcome to Grass City. Thanks for taking pictures of your plant and light. The light you have there is incandescent and will not grow pot well if at all. I am actually surprised your plant is still alive. You must have a bright room from ambient sunlight. If you want a bulb that fits into that lamp, go to Wal-Mart or Home Depot or almost anywhere and pick of a fluorescent bulb like the one I have here. Also don't give them too much fertilizer, maybe use it once every two weeks if it is a chemical fert. Good luck.

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  6. a friend in CO. grows a strain he calls "Tennesee three leaf" thats all it puts out is three leafers .... BIG, HUGE, three leafers great pot, it grows funny though n i never seen anything like it ..... maybe ill try n get a clone for yall.....:smoke:
  7. hey thanks for the imput ill do that and see what happends thanks again.lotofmaryjane
  8. do i need a new lamp or just a new bulb or do u think both i have little space u see i grow in my closet cause i have kids and a "WIFE" so i have no space i have a fan a good air flow i have lots of fish tank lights do u think i should use them instead.lotsofmaryjane
  9. those little 20watters still get pretty hot .... if you can make it work it :eek:
  10. No dude. Aquarium lights, terrarium lights and so called grow lights do not work. If you plan to have 2 plants go pick yourself up 125 watt or 250 watt HPS light from either Home Depot of a hydroponics store.

  11. Nah dude, they work, just not well. I've grown a plant under a few flouro tubes and got somewhere between a quarter and half zip. So it can be done, the results just aren't that great. If you've got the dough HPS is the only way to go.

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