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    I have inherited 6 outdoor marijuana plants. They are all about 1-2 feet tall. I think that they were all topped a few times before I got them. I don't think any nutes were being used. All 6 are females. The plants are very healty. I have the Fox Farm Trio nutes that I plan on using, and I have watered with compost tea.

    What fox farm nutes should I be using now? (grow big; or tiger bloom and big bloom?) I don't think the plants are flowering yet. At this time of year they are still in the vegetative stage, right?

    Also, what Is the feeding schedule for the fox farm nutes, and how much should I use PER PLANT. I don't have a feeding schedule.

    Thank you guys! :)
  2. Googgle the schedule. If not in flower you use the grow big now for veg. Tiger bloom and big bloom for flower.

    Good pick on ferts.

    Remember to feed half dose the first few times.
  3. Is it the time of year for plants to begin flowering? I'm a newb. I see a couple hairs at the top of the plants that are about an inch long. Does this mean they are flowering?

  4. Probably pre-flowering. Yes, most plants are going to start to flower as the days get shorter.
  5. Ok, I fed them grow big and compost tea this morning. They are getting to look pretty good.

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