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  1. New grower. Kinda just doing it to see if it works. Nothing too serious. But my plant is about a foot tall and I still can't determine male/female. Will post pics

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    I can't really tell, but your plants are really streched out though, if they are male they will have tiny flowers under the stems, just google it lol
  3. It looks like little hairs are growing out of the nooks of the leaves connected to the stem? I'll get better pics today.
  4. Also, the reason they look so stretched out is the top leaves were getting all the sunlight and the budding leaves were withering so I pinched them off. I know them withering puts stress on the plant so I got rid of them, is this bad?
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    It's not bad for the size of your stem, real small stems that get streched out get top heavy and fall over, u will just have a taller plant but you will be fine, and also your description of the hairs give all signs of a female, congrats and good luck;)
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    Well here's the best pics I could get. These are off the largest plant, with the second biggest about 1-2 weeks behind this. Then have a little dinker that's about 1.5 weeks old. Literally have done NOTHING except water and transport it into a safe haven from rodents, bugs, etc.

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    Yup it's a girl for sure, congrats
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    I never pich off leafs. Sunlight will travel right thru them as well. The leafs supply your whole plant with food. They need them. More so when small.

    Plucking leafs to get more sun to the bottom of the plant is a myth in my book. A bad one at that. I can prove this and prove it well if you care to listen?

    Also never plant more than one plant per pot. Your 3 plants are fighting and holding each other back. You will get more if you move or kill the 2 smaller ones. All 2 will fight and all we sufer growth. Only one plant will win. Thats why there is always a larger plant when you see plants grown togather in the same pot.

    Is your plant inside sitting in the Window? Or it it outside?
  9. I'm always willing to learn, so anything you can inform me about will help tremendously. Like I said, this is just a trial thing. I didn't expect them to make it half this far. I move it inside for security purposes during the night (i.e. cops, bugs, rodents pissing on it/eating it) and move it to direct sunlight in the middle of my yard during the day. The biggest one has a pretty good sized main stem going and I'm fairly certin the other two plants are female as well...will transplanting them to their own pots affect growth/yield?
  10. Also, it's on it's 6th or 7th level of leaves, growing pretty rapidly if I do say so myself.
  11. Alright so I don't quite know whether I'm doing anything properly, but it seems to me like nothing's necessarily wrong, but something isn't right. I'm on week 8 of my biggest plant, (transplanted the other two smaller ones into their own pots), and it doesn't seem to be making much progress. I've seen a couple videos on how to increase cola numbers, but it just doesn't seem to be working. Does this only work for higher-end strains or is it generally ok for all types (i.e. mids, B-level chronic)?

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