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  1. So, I'll make this short, sweet, and straight to the point

    I'm out of town, right?
    my friend is taking care of my plants, k?
    He isn't a cardholder, I am
    I've got a legal limit of 12 premature plants or 6 mature plants.
    in realizing the fact that it isn't always 50/50 on what is female and what is male, I decided I should have more than 12 to ensure the ability of having six female mature plants when they are mature
    so I've got 14. two over, which puts me at risk of having a nice charge on my record.

    my friend, who lives down the street, fortunately for me, and he heard my dog barking like all hell. he goes up the street and sees a cop car parked down my driveway. I don't live in suburbia so the cop had to go up a little dirt road and then down my driveway. apparently the car was there for a while before taking off. my friend checks it out again later and all my plants, which are outdoors, are all still present.

    I told him to rip two plants. I told him to pick the two weakest looking ones and MURDER those poor little defenseless MJ plants

    so that is what he is going to do

    but what do you think the chances are of me having a warrant at this point? there doesn't seem to be a possibility that anyone has called the police on me, so I figure it is the faithful "big brother" "eye in the sky" patrolling helicopter that spotted it with that INFRARED camera. I've got my notice posted in a visible spot, so I wonder if the cop even counted them.

    not letter on my door, nothing!
  2. Here in California, as long as you have your "medical recommendation" posted near your plants, your safe EVEN if you dont live there.

    You could now be legal, but if he/she snapped pictures, well im not sure about that.
  3. Your plants wouldn't still be there if the cop took any kind of action. Don't think he was there for the plants.
  4. Caretaker left the door open and the dog was barking at coons. I had two plants over the limit but it is all taken care of now. Thanks everyone
  5. Your definantly gonna get get fucked by the long dick of the law. Lube up.

  6. aaaaaaaaand I didn't

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