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  1. i dropped 4 geltabs of 'cid about 10 hrs ago and cant get to sleep. im still trippin balls and need to sleep...i have to work in 8 hrs

    how can i get to sleep?? every time i try to relax and sleep my body just keep shivering and shit like i'm cold, but im not.
  2. There's not sleep for you tonight.

    You might ass well chill, drink something, and pull an all nighter. I don't know what you do for a job, but drink some coffee or something. I don't know how thta interacts with acid, though. :D If it does at all...
  3. I would call in a day off.
  4. Well its already passed. How was your trip man?
  5. I was tired and kind of...well, really burnt out today. I started out the first two hours of work in the projection booth...and let me tell you, the hand-eye coordination sucked ass...I basically sucked at threading the movies in the projector.

    Speaking of movies...I love the avatar. I ended up (some how..haha) at my work last night and saw Vendetta. I loved it, but didn't understand it too much in my state of mind. I was also freaking out this morning about if my co-workers noticed that I was tripping...I didn't know my pupils were going to be the size of fuckin Texas until after I got home and was browsing erowid during my all-nighter. (I'd researched acid before the trip...but neglected to see the dialted pupils part!) So when I went into work today...I was kinda freaked, but nobody said anything.

    And now, after that long-winded post...I sleep.
  6. Valium, it's good for a come down when your really cracked out.
  7. i don't understand why you'd do that knowing you have to be at work....maybe it's me...

    p.s. where'bouts in central IN? in regards to 465?
  8. The friend that gave me the acid made it sound like it wouldn't be an all-night trip. I'd researched it and agreed that I'd probably trip until around 11 or 12...but once it reached 1 or 2 in the morning, I started to get worried.

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