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  1. I own a small dog which is 9 weeks old now...He was letting me know when to go outside now he's being weird and holds his piss for along ass time then lets it go on the wood floor like what the fuck?

    Anyone know what happened usually the habit sticks (Dont say he's too young because I don't want my house smelling like the Local Zoo.)

    Anyone know whats up? (I owned a previous dogs)..
  2. I've never owned a dog but it sounds like he needs to go the vet for a quick look over.
  3. How long have you had the dog? The proper way to house train a young dog is with a kennel. Get yourself a kennel big enough for him to be comfortable in for long periods of time. Put him in it, and only let him out to go outside to use the bathroom. Pick certain times of the day, and only take him out at those times. Keep to a strict schedule, and your puppy could be housebroken in as little as two weeks. Less if he's particularly smart. Good luck. :wave:
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    i hate to say it... but hes too young. lol.
    my dog(shih-tzu/cocker spaniel mix) pissed on the floor until he was well over a year old.

    what i suggest, is dont wait til he tells you when he needs to go out. take him out once every hour whenever you can.

    it actually seems like hes waiting for you to take him out.

    when it comes to dogs, 8 times outta ten, your the boss.
    they wait for your command.

    just my 2 cents

    edit: i forgot to add, he reason my dog peed in the house til he was over a year, was cuz i was waiting for him to tell me he had to go.
  5. My dog just stubborn as fuck. K today he whined and stuff to go out...He's weird I need to post pictures of the funny lookin thing (Shih Tzu) :p

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