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  1. My weed plant is about 2-3 weeks old it 3' inches tall. and i think i overwatered it. it cant hold its self up. I dont know what to do i replanted it i am trying to hold it up with a rubber band.. :(

    went from this :

    To this : [​IMG]

    What can i do? please help.
  2. Unfortunately looks like start over bro, looks like the tissue right below cots went TU.
    Condolences, had this happen to one of mine yesterday.

  3. Damn, so theres no way to save it? :(
  4. Nope, its dead man.

    Its ok, I've had this happen to me many times when i first started. Just pick yourself back up and try again. If its not in a spot where its getting adequate sunlight, or isn't put under light as soon as it sprouts, it can stretch like that. If you let it stretch too much, it could become top heavy and fall over, but i don't think that's what happened in this case. Usually when they fall over, they have the ability to stand themselves right back up (if you watch them, they'll actually bend towards the direction of the light), but your plant looks wilted, which makes me think it was too water-logged, based on your hypothesis.

    I'm also going to make the assumption based on the picture that your soil isn't very airy (what is your soil mix anyway?). Combine that with too much water and you have a small swamp, which is hard for your plant to live in. Try adding some perlite to your soil if you can, or anything to make it a little more airy, like peat moss (go easy on this) or wormcastings (you can find these usually at your local gardening/home depot store).

    One more question I'm going to ask, do you have drainage holes in the bottom of your container which your plant is in?

    If you have any other questions for me, I'd be happy to answer them to the best of my abilities.
  5. Hi DA :hello::wave::hello:!!!


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