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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by reowin, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. a person i know at my school has shown me weed at school befor he has got and now he is selling should i trust him since hes had weed at school?
  2. deal outside of school
  3. i would if i could but he has shown me weed he has got from people at school i kinda know he person but not well enough to get directly
  4. no. NEVER have weed in school. No exceptions. Its not worth the consequences. Just set up a deal outside school.
  5. you will be expelled. it will be on your record. education and jobs > weed for a couple days.
  6. Yeah, avoid weed at all costs in school, its not worth the risk. I don't even keep it in my car way out in the far parking lot.
  7. Just an FYI. Last year a friend of mine got searched in the office because they "smelled weed in his general area" he was clean. Another kid got searched and expelled.

    School can search you for any reason at any time.
  8. what if i tape it behind the toilet and get it befor i leave school
  9. My school can search/drug test/EXPEL based on suspicion or rumors.

    But really, don't bring bud/paraphernalia to school. Don't buy there; don't sell there. It really isn't worth it.


  10. no. someone could see the handoff, or smell it at any time. really just dont do it. i don't see why you can't do it after school. if you are an adult i'm sure you can drive or one of your friends can.
  11. Just go in the bathroom to deal. Two friends of mine got expelled once for a dirty pipe. Where as we had the stoners that reeked of weed and were always holding and were in the office everyday and they never got caught, do whatever you want.

    Inside school you might get suspended. Outside you might get arrested.

  12. outside of school you have rights.
  13. Listen man, if this dude isn't able to deal to you outside of school, you shouldn't be trying to get some from him. I know how tempting it can be and I have done some stupid sh*t like this in my day. Just be careful man. :smoke:
  14. I have brought bud & bowls to school before and havent gotten searched, I am pretty sure my school has like a list of 50 students who are always on lookout. If school is the only place you can get bud then just be smart about it. Make sure it is in something that holds in smell (pill bottle, jar) and don't tell anybody that you have it 'cause loose lips sink ships. Your education and future are not worth a couple grams of weed.
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