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  1. i made a chillum out of a test tube and i drilled in a carb and stuff. it seems like it will work fine, its basically the same set up as a crack pipe, it has steel wool for a screen. thats where i was wondering, is it safe to use steel wool instead of a screen? the closest head shop is like 45 minutes away from my house. i also just cant get my hands on a spoon like id like. so will this hold me over till i can get a spoon?
  2. I wouldn't use steel wool, because if particles of it can rub off of it on your hands, i don't know about smoking on top of it. I could be wrong though :confused:
  3. Crack heads do it all the time.
  4. Yea i know crack heads do it. But its like how safe could it be? Its just to hold me over but really i dont want to go dry. So its like how bad is it really? And is there any other alternative?
  5. idk man it seems kinda fishy...

    i have no idea if the steel wool would block thc or get debris in your lungs and mouth??

  6. This..

    Are you a crackhead?

    Id rather just roll a j or something.


  7. Oh thats GREAT reasoning :smoke:
  8. I would take a screen off a faucet and use that before using steel wool.

    I would think that the steel wool wouldn't hold up too well.
  9. steve dave beat me to it,

    look under all your faucets for a screen. pinch and pull it out.
    or go get a pebble; thats what I use.
  10. well, deffinately didnt use the steel wool. i was curious, so i heald a lighter at the end with no bud in and i barely sucked and the entire thing filled up with smoke. so i was like ehhhhh, no steel wool. my faucets dont have screens, so i used a pebble. it worked really good

    thanks blazincaucasian :)
  11. haha no problem man. rocks are natural and dont burn or let off chemicals. Its what I have sitting in my brand new bong.

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