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  1. so i know that the first few days, when starting from seeds you need to just keep the ph level @ 5.8 while adding no nutes. However, I notice everytime i have to adjust my Ph (which seems like every few hours or so) my PPM keeps going up. is this a normal trend? or am i doing something completely wrong?
  2. What are you adjusting pH with? Chances are whatever solution you're using to adjust pH is causing a rise in PPM.
  3. I'm using Ph Down which was included with the pc stealth kit
  4. You have two things fighting you..
    1) pH Down most certainly adds salts to the mix, and
    2) Using water faster than nutes causes ppm to rise.

    One of these days Im going to find the perfect level of nute uptake vs natural pH rise vs pH adjust increasing ppm and then my bucket will show all stats flat ... until then I live with pH and ppm creep..

    However - remember - having ppms rise is not a big issue as you refresh you rez at least once a week (right?). pH, on the other hand, will whack you hydro grow pretty fast of if I had to choose between pH and ppm adjustment it would be pH every time.
  5. so basically ppm isn't a big concern at the moment just as long as i replace my water weekly?
  6. ph and ppm means nothing until you intriduce nutes..
    the seedling dont care... so dont adjust anything. give it water thats all..
    10-14 days... then when you intriduce nutes 25% then adjust ph....

    Gluck buddy
  7. hey, i'm sorry that this question is not really following this threads train of thought. but i just started my first hydro grow, and my seeds are in the grow puck in the nets, where should i have my water line?
  8. why are they in net cups already...
    i would take them out and just have the pucks sitting there, once you see roots then put them in the net cup with the water level about 1" below the bottom of the net cup...

  9. so i should germinate the seeds than put them in the peat pellets, and put the pellets in the nets with water one inch below the net?
    i just put the seeds right in the wet pellet. bad idea?

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