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  1. im very new to growing marijuana. im on my second crop, and im having a few setbacks. my first crop started with 4 plants that i got from my dad. they were about 10 inches tall when i got them. i had them under the curly-cue florescent lights, 24/0, 1 for each plant. well i built a nice little room, 4x8, then put a wall in the middle(so 2 4x4 rooms). when they were 14 inches tall, i switched them to 12/12 under a 400w hps. well i made a few first time mistakes, like looking at them with the lights off, which i found out from others, is like someone waking you up when you were sleepin. i didnt really write down when i started, just rookie mistakes. so i wait and wait, the plants just looked like crap, and i figured it was time to harvest, so i did. well i only got 11 grams [​IMG] of off each... what was i doing wrong?

    so onto this crop. i wrote down when i started, i water them only when the lights are on. so i got 9 plants from a buddy, that were growing outside. well im down to 3, the rest were males. they were ready to put under 12/12, so thats where they are. i see all these pics of huge bushes, and awesome looking plants, althought mine are scragely lookin. foilage at the top, but the stalks are just that. what am i doing wrong. i dont really have ventilation, as i havent gotten an exhaust fan. could that be part of the problem? i was thinkin just a bathroom fart fan would work. i got a box fan blowin on them all the time. im using miracle grow quick start, half a cap to 1 gallon of water. also i have heard hydrogen peroxide, 1-2 capfuls per gallon, havent tried it yet.

    any ideas?
  2. no problem, glad i could help
  3. anyone else? basically my questions are:\

    1. will no ventilation make my plants not grow like they should?
    2. under veg state, should i leave the lights on 24/0, or 18/6?
    3. topping a plant? or should a use a razor blade and split the top? whats the procedure.

    i prefer quick answers to reading pages and pages...
  4. 1. Air circulation is a must also helps keep temps down and the ladys like the fresh air.

    2. No right or wrong way every grower has there own thing I start with 24/7 for two weeks then I switch to 20/4 for the rest of the veg time.

    3. I leave this one to the pros. But there's a good topic sticky in advance plant training with pics that will help u out.
  5. Sounds like you got some great advice already, but here's some more. It should help you with some of your other questions:

    How To Grow Hydroponic Marijuana

    The Growers Underground - Bigger Buds For The Plants You Grow, Join The Nutrient Revolution

    You might also want to type your questions into YouTube as they can often have videos from growers on how to do things right. And it's always cool to watch the advice in action. Sometimes books just aren't enough.

    Good luck - and good for you for actually learning before you grow.
  6. im more of a hands on or visual person. that way i can see whats happening, instead of trying to imagine, and messing something up


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