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    Okay, I need some help, because I'm freaking out to the point of almost having a panic attack.

    My babies are sick...some more than others. But anyways the leaves are getting random orangish yellows spots on them, and the bud on my smaller plants and decaying! Especially my smallest one my smallest one looks like it's going to die!

    At first I thought maybe it's over feeding, but I only feed my plants once a week, and for the past two weeks have only been watering them with normal water...but my babies still keep looking bad!

    Here are some Pics help me out man I've worked waay too hard for waaay too long to have these plants die on me.




    I tried to get a picture of where the bud is decaying, but for the life of me couldn't get a decent picture so here's an indecent one.

  2. need better pics
  3. Basically the problem is my leaves are getting those brown spots as shown in the first pic, and in my smaller plants I'm noticing slight bud decay. I don't know what causing it I do know that my smaller plants, especially the smallest aren't getting a good amount of sunlight anymore, and they weren't getting ideal sunlight before.
  4. Bud rot?

  5. Bingo! But only on the smallest plant which is fucked up because it wasn't going to yield much anyway.

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