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  1. alright so i had a bunch of seeds from a bag and just being high i planted them in a lot of pots in my backyard that i know get watered almost everyday.

    its been about a week and im pretty sure theyre sprouting they look exactly like this off google:

    alright so i got like 6 of these pretty much that height in my backyard. the only problem is i have no idea what to do now:confused::confused::confused:. i cant let them grow big in my backyard so i have to move them probably within the next month. Do you think i have enough time to learn how to do everything and move them inside? how much would something like this cost to set up in a closet? what all would i need?
    ive never grown weed before or seen anyone grow weed before. ive only been handed it in bags when i bought it so im pretty much clueless

  2. honestly dude if your gonna set up a closet grow right you wil probably spent like 150-200 bucks. 6 plants mean like 6 big pots filled with soil and nutes, probably like at least 600W of light ant some way to vent them. if that s not a problem then i say start readin stickeys and get savy on the techniques you wanna use. good luck
  3. yes but hurry there are thives out there you already made a mistake by growing outdoors. indoors is the way to go.

  4. yes there are thives, but plenty of people - including myself - grow outside.
  5. Oh yeah. They'll be small for a while. Well, small enough to move around easily and such. Takes a few months at least for em to mature into that "unwieldy" stage.

    For six plants? I'd plan on something bigger than a closet. All you really need is some buckets, some lights, some dirt, and probably some nutes. For my first indoor grow I bought used five gallon soy sauce buckets from a chinese buffet for a dollar a piece. I filled em with regular topsoil I bought from a farm supply place for like 2 bucks a bag (total soil cost less than 30 bucks). I used walmart brand nutes- total cost like ten dollars.

    Lights was the tricky part. After a good deal of searching about I discovered that the best place to get lights is from the Habitat for Humanity store. The one in my neighborhood always has a shitload of old streetlamps, a wide range of floro fixtures, a ton of used bulbs and ballasts, etc etc. I did have to get a book on basic electrical wiring to put em back together once I had all the used parts I needed, but it ended up total cost was like 20 bucks or something.

    All I know is at the end of the day I had invested less than a hundred dollars, and had six foot plants growin in my bathroom. Ya just gotta be resourceful in keeping costs down. Also, if you have a hydro store in your area, you can try checkin it for one of those peg boards where people put up ads for their used lights and things. Sometimes find a good deal.
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    been ripped off tooo many times.....moved indoor. with some of the people i know , your habbit could get you shot. its happened before. the thives up her have resorted to using ultralight aircraft to scope out who is growing where...they keep an eye on it all summer and just before your planed harvest , you are left with stumps. if you confront the bastards , you are likely to be shot. it getting way to dangeros outdoor.
  7. not to get off topic but, wow Mr.Bob that sucks. glad its not like that where I live.

    dlink if people do crazy shit to ripp off growers in St.Louie like they do in Canada according to Mr.Bob i'd definately move your plants inside ASAP
  8. the region i live in is a very popular area for growers, natural ph of the soil is 6.0 and this area is probly the biggest grow area in canada. Also have alot of crown land (owned by the government) where the biggest grows happen. a couple of years ago a guy got nailed with 3,000 plants. the cops did not believe it was personal use....hmmmmmmm:gc_rocks:

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