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  1. in a 15ft by 20 ft room sea of green how many watts of light do i need
  2. thats alot of plants ,i dont know the nswer for sure but i would say around 8-10 400w hps lights,maybe am way off lol.
  3. Personally I think it would depend on placement, preference and budget. I myself would go with no less than 600w Hps every 4x4 ft area. I'm a big 600 electronic balast fan though. They have the highest output to lumen ratio which saves money. Plus I can get em closer to the canopy. Just my 2 cents. Like I said preference.
  4. 4 to 5 1000 watts or 6 to 7 600 watts.
  5. I've heard of having 50 Watts/square foot thrown around before

    That would be 15000 watts! Geesh, seems a little high.

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