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  1. This is really starting to piss me off. Now the plant seems to look like its to dry. I keep watering it but Im sure its getting worse. I thought it wasnt hard to grow. Ive got seeds coming in the mail from mark emery and the ones im growing now were experiment plants but they havent gotten bigger then 2inches. Maybe its my grow space. Please someone just help. I need answers.
  2. James420,

    More info is needed....

    How old are the plants, how often are you watering and how much water? are you using ferts? what kinda of lighting and how big is the grow area you are using? what are the temps of the room? and is the room well vented?

    Answer those questions and we can better help you out


  3. Im using a larg basket about 4x2. Its about 1.50ft tall and ive got 2 15watt floresent lights mounted to the lid. Ive drilled holes in the side of the basket all around for air flow and ive just got a four speed house fan blowing into the holes. I had three plants only one now its about a week and a half old. I put some merical grow on it on saturday. I think that might have fucked it up. The leaves on my plant are starting to bend up guite a bit. The baskets also lined with tin foil. Please help
  4. you probly added a bit to much fertilizer and burned them.

    try taking the tinfoil down , if it is too hot it will stunt plant growth.
  5. You used ferts when your plants were only couple inches tall and not even a couple weeks old...and you've only got 30 watts of flouros.

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