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Discussion in 'General' started by BlizzardKush, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I bought some thc strip tests from a local headshop. Anyways I tested myself just now and the interpretation results state the following:

    Positive-One rose-pink color band appears in the Control Zone, but not in the Test Zone.
    Negative- Two rose-pink color bands appear-one in the control zone and one in the test zone.

    My test had a darker pink line in the Control Zone and a faint, lighter Pink line in the Test Zone. I dunno if this is positive or negative.

    Help Please:confused:
  2. To me it reads as a negative.

  3. Note: if you've been drinking a ton of water to try to flush your system you could be fooling the test. Those home tests are entirely too easy to fool by dilution.
  4. I have been drinking alot of water, monday/tuesday, but wednesday and today I just drank a normal amount of water (about 2 water bottles only today and that was 4 hours before I took test. And I'm going to test again in morning on my 2nd piss, just to check if i get same result. And my urine was a normal color, not clear.

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