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  1. i cant post new threads!!

    okay never mind it works now sorry!!

    So, I'm new to all this!!

    skip the small talk: I am a medical marijuana patient etc etc and here's my idea.

    I recently got a ready to flower mother, but I have no idea what to do with it, the one I was originally going to get was about half the size but this one including the potting is about 28 inches high and around a foot across. Its a dense mother for sure!! I will get pics later but I'm going to go to bed soon...

    Here's my problem: I have no attic, no apartment, I live with my parents, they're okay with me growing as long as they never see it or smell it, and I got this huge plant!! I thought about guerrilla grow but I live in dense Los Angeles. SO! I'm thinking of going into my backyard, digging a BIG hole and putting a trash-can grow box underneath the ground. Camouflaged and easy to access, using a heat mat and thermostat to maintain temperature. I could vent normally using a tunnel coming out of the trash can, my only worries would be: rain and making sure the can is more air tight than...i can't think of an extremely air tight object to complete this analogy. Good idea or insane?

    P.S. Admins, can you please move this to maybe the beginning growers' area? Please? I tried making new threads everywhere and I really dont know but it decided to make it this time! Sorry for the trouble though, hahhahah

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