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  1. hi any one from england and growing i have just started to grow my own and havent got a clue iv got 4 plants under 250w hps and have potted them in miracle grow soil. in 10" pots they are 6 days old. got the seeds from some stuff i got off my mate im just giveing them water and have the light on 18 hours of 6 also have a fan on 24/7 the temp is 28 am i doing the right thing if not pleas help because i have some nortan lights seeds to grow next
  2. Holy shit have you screwed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just joking!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like you are off to a good start, just don't overwater or overfert. Safety and Security First.

    Also, Thanks for posting. Its good to see a newbie post up some good info!
  3. Sounds like your well on your way...make sure the light is not to close to start on the young seedlings,,,,and as BPP says don't overwater, or overfert,and think safe and secure...

    keep us posted...

  4. thanx for info im pleased whith your coments. iv just got new 250w hps to put in room with other one so i have 500w hps will this help me. im planting my northen lights seeds at weekend hope to get one femail to clone from need some clones................ THANX LOTS............IM WELL CHUFFED.....
  5. sory to keep going on but what fert can i use, and can i buy it from the garden shops there is no hydro shops in merseyside can any one help me on this .what rate do i put it in. hope some one can help me on this i havent got a clue............THANX.......
  6. Any water soluble household plant fertilizer will work fine. Miracle gro is Ok but Schultz brands are better.

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