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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by whynot100, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. i just had an angry parent of my friend call me and leave a message saying they called the cops on me and have texts to prove i smoked weed, however, i do not have any on me and have gotten rid of my pipe and grinder.
    Can they do anything if i just got caught with texts about it?
  2. Never dealt with anything like might be screwed
  3. bahahahaha.
    They have TEXTS?
  4. nothings gonna happen

  5. dude yea they have texts where i talk about using pot, can they pin me on that??
  6. LOL.
    sorry for my post.
    they can't do SHIT.
    Cops come to your house, you tell them to fuck off(not literally) unless they have a warrant. Its call freedom of fucking speech. You can say whatever the hell you want, it doesn't matter if it's true or not.

    If they do have a warrant, you don't have anything, so it doesnt matter
    There is no law against texting about having weed.

    Also, if you are really worried, clean out anything that would have come in contact with bud.
    Im almost positive this is benign.
  7. if you don't have any weed anywhere, and your pipe and grinder are gone, they can't bust you for anything. make sure your in and outboxes are cleared though. they can't charge you if there's no evidence.
  8. I'm pretty sure you're absolutely fine if they don't catch you with ANYTHING. Maybe if you sent pics of bud or your bong or something but if it's just texts, you're good with the cops.
  9. Cops don't give a shit about a few texts, but if i were you i would stash all my shit for a week or two just to be prepared.
  10. This thread is full of fail.
    Officers can't do anything without tangible evidence. something they can hold in their hand and say "THIS STONER HAD POT, POT I SAY!"
    And actually, when the cops ask if they can come look around, and they have a warrant, just be like sure can. They find nothing, and the woman get's in trouble for wasting the departments time. boo ya
  11. Tell them you have text as proof they do coke and print it out and mail it to them...(fake it)
  12. Just do what i did. Your going to have to go to Egypt for this to work but what i did was i found an ancient skink in cairo called the maga waga toola bumchip lizard. now, what i did once i acquired this skink was clone its DNA in the lab that i actually have set up in my parents basement. Once i cloned the DNA, i got my pet ferret and injected the DNA from the ancient skink into it's bloodstream. After about a month of running from the cops and getting in intense shoot-outs with the local crime syndicate, i had the results of the test that i had procured. Once i was 100% satisfied that the results and invention of a new super skink would divert the cop's attention and give me time enough to lay low and let everything blow over.

    Thats probabaly the easiest thing i've ever done to avoid capture. I recommend this plan of action with my patented chicken nugget stamp of the northern colonies of leonville
  13. As long as you weren't talking about 'selling' weed, you're fine. :wave:

    EDIT: btw....when are people going to realize that texting about illegal stuff is not safe?
  14. You can't get busted for texts. I'd call her back and say she's a bitch and that she can call the cops all she wants because I'm clean.
  15. Agreed. As long as you can wake up and know that one day your life will turn around and you wont have to hide those pictures of the stripper you had over while your parents had gone out of town to bet on the bearded lady as a family present, then your fine and wont be in any trouble.
  16. Right on. All this worry could have been avoided if you chose to not leave a permanent record of that weed conversation.

  17. yea i no im fucking dumb, i just need to chill out and not text about that shit again
  18. you're fine, they cant do shit. tell her to go fuck herself lol
  19. C'monnnn...

    you gotta at least use code if you're texting about weed.

    My favorite is "What's good?". Everyone knows what you're talking about.
  20. Thanks for all the help guys. my friend called me and he told me he over heard the convo his mom had with the cops:
    "What kind of proof?"
    ".........we take our police work very seriously please dont bother us again, if u dont want this kid using pot yell at his parents or something"

    lmfao, so everything worked out, thanks for the advice everyone.
    BTW the signiture for the post before this is hilarious, what a dumb ass

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