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  1. I have 4 bbs 2wks into seedling stage under 400w mh. I noticed some burning on one of the plants so I moved them 15inches away from light. the only thing is that their leaves aren't out and open they are like in a "V"shape like they are closing up on themselves. The one that's burned has the edges curling up and another one isn't to singed but the edges of the leaves are curled inward -- what's the deal with that? I have 8 bbs about a week behind these four(tops at the same height) and they have their leaves open to catch the light, why are the other ones closing up? Don't know the strain just some bagseed.
  2. Try to keep the affected ones out of the Arc tubes intensity band(that bright band of light the approx. size of arc tube inside bulb). They,, as seedlings should be about 15 - 20 inches from hoods edge. A fan blowing between bulb and plant tops may help disperse the dry heat...The other strain may not be able to handle the intensity yet so it "cringes" to try to hide from some of may have been an outdoor strain as well.

    hope this helped out....good luck...peace


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