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  1. I want to grow but i dont know what lights i need to use thru the whole grow i need them to be cheap but still able to get the job done and able to produce a good yeild And i need tips on where to buy them n stuff there isnt too many plant centers around here cause i live in oklahoma So its hard to find a plant shop that would have lights and stuff any help or suggestions?
  2. didnt you just ask if a set of lights would work in the last thread? I replied yes. I would go with those ones if I were you, or get HPS off ebay or some where on the net.
  3. yes i did just ask this but i didnt know if i could use them thru the whole process and stuff plus i didnt remember writing the first one so i can use it thru the vegative flowering and all the stages?
  4. Your 3 choices are floro, hps, and mh..... all 3 will work through all growing cycles.

    Floro-best on tight buget. Bad because of loose airy buds.

    MH-best for vegatative growth. Bad because nodes are further apart, and buds are less dense.

    HPS-best for flowering. Can cause a little scretch during vegging. But best all around buy.
  5. could i buy one of each of the floro tubes and use them thru out the whole process?
  6. it also depends on the size of your grow. for instance, i'm doing a compugrow, and they computer case measures 6" wide x 16 inches tall x about 12 long. that's all i have to work with, so i want to make it the best i can. i had 3 cfl's in there for awhile and had great success with them, however, i knew i needed something for flowering, so i could get a worthwhile yeild and not break my wallet. so i opted for a 70 watt hps. you can find these in home depot, lowes, ace hardware, etc. usually it's under security lighting. anyways, i chose the smaller hps over say, a 150 watt one cause i don't have much surface area to cover. thus far my plants are LOVING the new light. and they haven't stretched at all. so there are so many variables to tell you exactly what you need to grow.....

    you're better off checking out and check the grow faqs.... it worked wonders with me.
  7. this is just what i went through, your gonna want somthing adaptable but cheap and i asume you want to beable to grow 3-4 plants and have them produce a decent amount of bud youll need:

    a 150 watt ballast these are about 60 bucks

    a 150 watt hps bulb these are about 10-15

    a dad who knows some about electrics because it has alot of cords

    a fan set on low power to cool off the ballast, it gets very hot

    and some kind of reflective shield hung over the light to shine more downwards towards the plants

    hope this helps man gl on growing its alot of fun( im still new to it sorta but i love it :) )

  8. How are you growing it in a computer case? wouldnt they get too big for it? i have a 15 in sub. box that is about 20 inches tall 20 inches wide by 18 inches deep and can hold proally 2 or 3 small plants could i use this? i can also put my other box on top of that and make it 40 inches high what kinda light would i need to work with this? and produce a good yeild And a small but bushy plant
  9. bb-04..............Dude growing in a computer case is a cool concept and all..... But, why micro grow? Most people yeild about 1oz maybe 50 grams from a 70 watt light. And most people have to scrog and fim to do that. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's complicated training techniques.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing micro growers. Someday, I might have to hang up the 600 and grow stealth. (If I move into an apartment or something). But look at it this way.

    Micro grows rock for the following reasons.

    -They don't draw as much power. Your landlord won't be suspicous.

    -Heat will be easier to control. Less shit to buy.

    -Less plants to get busted with. Less prison time.

    -Lights available at Lowe's/Home Depot. (That is if you're handy.)

    -Not as much odor to control.

    Micro grow sucks because.

    -How long is an oz of pot going to last you? An oz of nugs might last me 3 weeks.... 1 month tops.. An oz of commerical MIGHT last me a week.

    -Why run out of pot between harvest? If you're growing your own, then why are you going to put money in somebody else's pockect for something you can grow more of at home easily?..... Better point, why risk a run in with the police to get more shit, if you not how to grow it.

    -Why risk getting busted on growing charges for an ounce or so? What's the point? You might as well just buy the shit. And if you get busted buying drugs, they come to your house and catch you growing, then you're looking at horrible charges.

    -If you really want to put the time and effort into learning about growing, and take that HUGE risk, wouldn't you like to have something to show for it. Like, I don't know, say a pound of nugs that you could smell for 3k+, or enough smoke to last you several months untill next harvest.

    Look around and read up. But, listen up buddy, cheap is expensive. If you try to cut corners, you'll make up for the corners with cash. But if you drop a decent invest into it (I'm talking a couple hundred) then you'll probally triple you're set up money after the first harvest.
  10. Tru about the micro grow im not going to do that i have a grow box now that will proally work pretty good i have different levels i can put the lights and my plants can get about 4 ft tall right now i only have one growing and im using 2 50 watt spotlights for indoor plants on it they are pretty far above it But it looks like it will work for now Ill be getting money here in about a week n a half and ill buy a few Cfl's and a few 18 inch floro tubes Ill buy proally 2 of each in the tubes and the cfl's so ill have 4 lights all toghter should be enough for my little grow space which is only about 5' high by 20" wide by 18" deep So would these lights work? would it be enough lights and how much yeild might i get from about 2 plants if they sprout if not only one but about 4 foot tall and hopefully very bushy

    Correction it is 48 inches tall 18 inches wide and 17 inches deep
  11. i went to the hardware store and i found a 125 watt or 70 watt hps security light it says it lights up 24,000 sq ft with 6800 lumens will that work for a small grow room? this one wont break me budget wise either
  12. Ok captain.... here we go.

    You space is 2.125 sqaure feet. You're going to be shooting at 50 watts per sqaure foot during flowering. A little more or a little less will be ok.

    So I'm thinking 100 watts or so will be perfect. 2 sqaure feet needs exactly 100 watts, so I think you'll be fine with a 100.

    I would not advise putting cfls, or floro tubes or any other kind of "add on" lighting in the box. These floros are going to cause an ass load of heat and be more trouble than they're worth. (in my opinion).

    If I was you, I'd definately go with the 100 watter. Since you don't have much vertical space, I would read up on swallow water culture hydroponics.

    This will give you a better idea of what swc is, and grow box design.

    OOoooohhhhh nnnnoooooooo my child this is not my deisire. I'm digging for fire.

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