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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wumderbean, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. should i get a half o of regs for 45 or an eigth of desiel for 60? which one would last me the longest time?
  2. half o lasts longer hands down, sour d is a more pleasureable smoke and high, either way good deal
  3. Id go for the regs
  4. Both are a pretty good deal, but I'd have a hard time turning down some diesel.
  5. alright i didnt really explain. Im getting 100 bills tommorow and my boy can hook me up with either of those. after that 100 i dont know when ill have money again so its a tough choice.
  6. why dont you just get 5 more dollars and get both, recycle cans, loose change
  7. Beat me to it
  8. then i dont have any gas money for the week.
  9. Yeah why not get the extra 5 and get both? If for some reason you can't, I'd get the sour d since its always easy to get regs, and the sour d might not always be around.
  10. ok ill get the extra 5 and get both. thanks.
  11. get the sour d if your the type of smoker who can appreciate the difference. If you smoke on weekends and get rly high smoking anything just get the regs.

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