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  1. Must Harvest Early
    Is it possible to still get good seeds from my plants even though they arent at the end of thier 12/12 cycle
    tipped of to a bust headed this way
  2. best thing to do is not fuck around and take everything apart, or move it to a safe location where you trust it will be safe and nothing will come back to you. if you cant do that, id take a cutting from the very bottom of the plant, something that doesnt have a bud on it, throw it in some verm and perlite and clone it. start again. you are really messing around, especially if youve been tipped off leo's headed your way. take it down man, dont be stupid. a plants lifecycle is 3 mos, is 3 mos worth what 10years?
  3. HIGH All, depends on how old the plants are...I wouldn't worry about that right now...I'd be getting rid of everything..
  4. ^ i second that
  5. i hope he got rid of it all, not worth it man........Peace out.......Sid
  6. Yeah I got rid of all of it and the set up
    But I was just wondering about the seedsif any would be ripe yet they were 3 weeks from harvest. (sniff)

    Got the tip last night
    I am dead tired just spent all night cleaning out

    Thanks all
    this fuckin sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. HIGH All, 3 wks from harvest mmmmmm hard to say..but save them anyway and of coarse try them out "when safe to do so".
  8. sorry for the loss man, but to be tipped off is the best thing that has happened to you the whole grow. seriously, jus think about that when you get over the loss. when everything is secure again, you can really look back on this and be grateful you got rid of it all because you are still here doing it again!
  9. Thats is the truth Dude
    the loss sucks but to be tipped was great
    I sort of suspected it earlier

    I know who ratted it out too
    What do you guys think I should do to em
  10. and snitch is discredited with leo, they mos likely will never use him for an informant again, this is time and lotsa money they are putting up to put you in jail. when they do come, there will be a lotta disappointed dea guys. this much should satisfy you deeply :)
  11. yeah man your damn lucky you were tipped off, i had to scrap my grow because ppl started sucks but be grateful
  12. yip, live to grow another day, remember that you get just as much jailtime for 1 shitty plant as you'd get for 4 big high uielding did the right thing, plants can be regrown, and as unoit said, no harm in trying the seeds, if not get some more seeds, what kind werew they?.........Peace out..........Sid
  13. Just the experience of them busting in and finding nothing would make it al worth for me...I'd be sure to have my digi-cam ready lol :) It would be a story for life :)
  14. My Babies were Durban Poison and Hollands Hope Sidious
    and were doing so damned good

    I sure as hell hope this was a reliable tip
    and not some sick fuckin joke

    But we will see
  15. even if it was a tip, it'll keep you on your toes, i always recomment that every grower be able to get rid of what's illegil (here in the U,K, it's just the plants.......seeds and bongs are o.k.) in 5 minutes.........hell even a small amount of hash will be overlooked by the police here now with decriminalisation............but if in the U.S that means, plants, seeds bongs pipes, stash, and the lights if possible, otherwise you may get a visit like 6 months down the line, to see if those lights are still of use, if you know what i mean? to grow another day mate, better to get a wrong tip-off than never get a tip-off at all............Peace out.......Sid

    ps, allways wanted to try durban poison.........
  16. i agree be glad u got tiped off+the thing bout people lik that is this,sooner or later he will get his,just dont be the one,but you dont go arond in society messing with people,usally the person gets punched out or winds up dead somwere+which ever comes first! he will get his,people lik this are stupid....i cant stand narcs and fukin people who cant mind there own business!=bull sht! get a life narcs!i seen to much of this stuff before! later be safe get rid of ever thing and buy a bag to hold yo over++ peace mooons/

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