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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by TraxxMuzik, May 31, 2009.

  1. i have some hydro condone and it says discard after 2/2/08 should i not take those lol
  2. yeah the hydrocodone usually converts to poison tree dart frog poison.
  3. what ??
  4. He's fucking with you.
  5. lol oh is it bad to take this since its old
  6. 2/2/08--where have those been sitting?

    i honestly probably wouldn't take them..but i'm not an expert in that category
  7. pills done go bad for a very long time, they're fine
  8. im trusting you lol
  9. they been in our medicine box always dark and cool in it lol
  10. It is just federal regulation for Expiration dates. The active compounds arent as strong after the expiration date but they are not dangerous now.
  11. okay thanks guys
  12. it isn't dangerous. they put expiration dates because the chemicals that get you high have half lives and they degrade as time goes on. the expiration date merely means that they aren't as strong as they could have been before. they don't want people fucking with dosages so..........yeah. it's safe and you will 100% live as long as you don't take too many
  13. ight well im goin to snort these lol they are watson 349's

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