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  1. I just purchased a 400w hps lighting system but I'm concerned that the reflector isn't big enough (14"Lx12"Wx7"H)
    I have a 3'x3' grow space and plan to surround it with black/white poly. Is my reflector sufficient? If not, what else could I do to maximize on my light? This is the first time I'm using artificial lights and I'm not sure what is needed.

    Also, will the light generate too much heat? It's not in a closet, just a space I'm partitioning off in the garage(7' ceiling).
    Can I get black/white poly from Home Depot or something or do I have to order it? I'm trying to conserve money cause the light already set me back $230. I saw a 25'x10'roll priced at $30 plus shipping @ Discount Hydroponics. Isn't there some place cheaper somewhere? I live in Philly so shipping would set me back somewhat.
  2. Well... im not sure about the light as I use floro's, but im guessing the reflector WILL be large enough.
    Try putting it at the lowest it will be and see if it coveres the enitre area

    I dont know about the polyester you are talking about, but it is a good idea to enclose your plants with walls that are at LEAST white and preferably have a reflective material such as mylar or tin foil, saving the light you do have

    just some thoughts of a rookie grower, lol

  3. Welcome to grasscity....

    Your reflector should be may want to make the grow area 4'x4' (if possible) allow a tad more room for branches...

    You may need to make walls to enclose your grow area,,,,no light should escape the grow area...anywhere. I am a firm believer in High Hiding Ceiling White Flat paint for the reflective surfaces(floors,walls)and its readily available anywhere at low cost...

    Properly should not have any overheating problems.....

    have fun .....


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