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  1. tryin to find a good spot in some swampy woods. Went back there today and at first was thinking i was where i needed to be but when i started to get deep enough to where i wasnt sketching it became real muddy, any ideas on how to get around the mud?
  2. Do a search on swamp growing techniques. There is an interesting one where you use a "tube" of chicken wire above ground and fill it with peat/soil mix and it "wicks" up the moisture as needed. DON'T try to plant directly in the ground in that area or you will definitely drown your plants.
  3. thanks man sounds good i knew they would drown unless i could find some sort of high ground but im really worried about if i descide to use this spot, the rain will come up beyond belief
  4. Kush Man

    Look for 'Soma's Growing Table' over at - that's basically what OldPork is describing.


  5. I was considering the same a while ago...a $5 plastic stool (see pic below) would have been my choice to go or an innertube with the plastic pot in the center of it.

    Re-consider doing it in the middle of a'll become a major headache when water rises and it's getting hot in the summer.

    Use Google Earth or this: to scope out a higher elevation spot in the swamp if you don't have another choice.
    Those spots ARE around, you just have to look hard enough.

  6. Here's an explanation of Soma's Table - here

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