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  1. To start off, I'm a senior in high-school and have a 92% average.
    I'm very book smart and like to keep mostly to myself at school. But i do not get along with about 20 kids at school that all hang out in a pack.

    So, today.. i come to school, drop all my shit off at my locker then go stand with some kids in the hallway. About 20 minutes later this Nick kid comes up to me with like 50 people behind him wanting to fight because his buddies (the ones i dont get along with) told him I was talking shit about him when I wasent.

    I also have a ripped tendon in my left bicep from lifting weights. I cant even straighten out my arm let alone throw a punch so there was no way I would have been able to put up a fight since this guy is pretty big (6'2" 200lbs)

    He comes up to me and pushes me in my arm and it was my bad arm so I told him to fuck off cause i have a ripped tendon and he calls me a bitch because he thinks I am making excuses. So he keeps talking with his buddies and saying "C'mon, lets fight" to me for like 10 minutes with me responding "No, I already told you" and finally a teacher sees it and calls the principals to come

    So the principals come up and one of them takes me and asks me to tell her the story, so i do. And by this point my arm is fucking killing me. So anyway, they take Nick to the office and I go to my first period class getting called a bitch and a pussy by everyone I walk by.

    I ended up ditching after first and going to the doctors to get pain killers for my arm.

    So my question is, what do I do about this kid? I won't be able to fight him tomorrow at school because of my arm and I am 99.9% sure he is going to try and start shit tomorrow. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place and all the kids in my school are making fun of me. I'm the laughing stock of the whole school.

    What do I do? :(
  2. I'm in Ontario too
    I'll come save you man.
  3. Just go up to him and say hes a big jerk :devious:
  4. Haha, sounds good.

    But anyone else have other advice?
  5. Offer to smoke with him. Weed should chill him out.
  6. Dawg I'm 100% serious. I'll actually come save your ass.

    If you don't want that then try using logic on him:
    You: 'DUDE, I wasn't talking shit about you...why would I be?'
    Him: 'Man ______ said you were, and some other people, I'm gonna believe them over you.'
    You: 'Really? wow dawg why in the world would I talk cheese about you if I wasn't ready to face the consequences.'
    ---at this point he could back off, if not read below---
    Him: 'Man I don't even care anymore, just fucking throw down right now'
    You: 'Okay look dude I already told you I'd fight you but I have a goddamn torn ligament, if you're horny to fight then just beat the shit outta me, I can't punch you back. Sure will show what a tough guy you are!'

    ---at this point he'll either back off, or beat your ass. And look man, getting your ass kicked isn't as bad as you imagine it being. What's a little pain anyways? You just got the killers from your Doc anyways---
  7. First, if you're going to fight make sure to get 50 people behind your back so when you're beating his ass and his pussy friends decide to jump in you have some back up.
    Fighting after school would be better too, and off school property. If that happens bring some weapons like brass kucks, bottles, chain, etc... ahhah

    I really don't have any advice to avoid fighting, i don't think there is that decision for you unless you want to be called a pussy, which will eventually fade in a couple of weeks hopefully.

    You're not a pussy either, who'd want to fight at school, with a hurt arm, and 50 people behind this guy against one person? He's a huge pussy that he has to bring that many people to confront you.
  8. you need to completely DOMINATE him verbally. trust me it works, you just need to plan ahead what you are going to say, unless you are a fast thinker.

    call him a fucking inarticulate, delinquent neanderthal, and that solving things by fighting is for cavemen and retards.

    tell him you wont fight back and he will look like a little pussy if he decides to start shit

    then threaten him by saying if this shit doesn't stop you'll make his life living hell.
  9. Ask him to get high. Bud heals more than aches and pains.
  10. I would say fight him, but do so off school campus. Guys who generally start shit cant fight, yeah he's big, but thats more muscle he's gonna have to carry around and will most likely be drained 30 seconds in. Highschool thugs tend to focus too much of lifting and not cardio so much :devious:.

    My advice, jab like an addict, n00bs think there every punch has to connect and do damange. Proffessional boxers when going up against someone there level are lucky to land %50 percent of there punch's. Just throw those jabs and you'll get a set up for a right.

    Worst case scenario you get your ass kicked and people talk shit for a week. Life goes on young grasshopper. Besides if you win then you'll get any girl you want, especially if you get some battle scars :hello:
  11. Yeah but people who duke it out usually end up being friends. I cant explain it, its like man voodoo or some shit.
  12. I think you missed the fact that he has a torn ligament in his bicep...
  13. sounds like this prick really doesn't have a problem with you unless his boys are standing behind him. typical punk. a few questions though. can you fight? are you mentally and physically prepared to whip his ass? you say he's big, but can he fight? you mentioned you lift weights. is that on a regular basis? you could always use this cunt to drive yourself while you're working out. my advice is this, when you're ready to go toe to toe with slick, catch him alone.
    win or lose you'll gain mad respect from your peers.

    of course i don't condone fighting. at my age i would simply out wit him with some nasty verbal and make him look like the dicknose he was. but high school is a little different.

  14. Yeah but that doesn't work for everyone. I know if someone talked shit like that to me I would just start swinging and not say a word or listen to what he has to say.

    But then if i had something against someone I wouldn't go with my friends to threaten him, i'd just go up to him and start fighting. So it may work.
  15. i fought this dude once and later we found out we was in the same bus route to school, he lived 20 secs away from me, after we fought we became boys
  16. when he comes to fight you pull down your pants and pee on him i even if u get ur ass kicked u can say you pissed on him it works and he wont be expecting it
  17. How long do those take to heal?. Ive never had a strain or anything from lifting that lasted more then a few days. If it takes longer then a week no one will remember the incident.
  18. im not sure what you should do, but i can tell you what i would do.

    next time hes in your face step back, and then kick him in the nuts, then spit in his face.

    or you can just put up with it, but it sounds like hes got lots of friends, and they obviously dont have a problem putting their hands on you. so, speaking as a former highschool pushover that never did anything about shit like that, id say you need to do something.
  19. another angle..... forget about it. it's your final year in high school. none of this shit matters in the real world
  20. talk to him, let him know that once your arm is healty you would be happy to kick the shit out of him.

    then when your healthy proceed to give him what he needs.(a good ass whooping)
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