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  1. Ok I am growing a skunky plant now and her name is my bitch I have been growing "my bitch" for 2 and a half months now. I have a 400 watt HPS lamp and a 55,000 lumens light bulb. I also used floragro, floraMicro, FloraBloom and Floralicoius Plus for my bitch. Its smells super skunky and a lot of crystals, Bright green and nice color of it with red, orange white hairs. But lately i am starting to notice on some of my buds, there are little seed pod like growing on the buds. I don't know if its seeds or what but it somewhat looks like it. I dont know if its the bud forming into a bud or if its seeds. Theres no way in the world that it can change to a male plant in the flowering stage because I onyl have one plant and it grew up as a female plant. if it was a male plant, i would have seen the seeds at the beginning for the growing stage. So can anyone help me out here on this? What the hell is it and should I do something about it, if I need to do something about it, then please tell me what to do!! I need to save my baby if she is IN danger! I tried to attached the pictures to this but i cant so if anyoen out there would like me to sent the pics to your e-mail please let me know my emaila ddress is I desperately need ur help :confused::confused::confused::confused:

  2. if it has been under any stress like too much water or not enough
    or too much heat or not enough or change in the lighting times..etc..etc.... it could stress too much and hermi on you.
    but without pics it is hard to say. it could be fine and just be nice and fat in the buds
  3. It sounds like its too far along to really do anything about it. Just grow her out, and see what happens. I like her name....

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