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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by onefortheages, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I got to take a DT for a new job and I need to detox...I got Perc pills, OC pills and weed in my system, I dont know what kind of test they will give...I heard they take hair but I think it is a urine, I can beat the weed but I dont know if the detox flush will clear the pills, any help will save my ass!!!!!!! Job pays $27/hr w benies HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Well if it's a hair test, you're fucked.

    Other than that we need info, like how much you smoked/popped in a time period...
  3. It depends when the test is... if its like tomorrow then your going to have to try those detox drinks and pray they mask the test... but if its in like a week or 2 I would say you should drink lots of fluid (water, lemonade, cranberry juice) that way you piss more, plus I've heard that cranberry juice and lemonade help get rid of the stuff in your system quicker. Ideally, you need to sweat alot, so go workout- run and all that good stuff and drink fluids and you should be good to go if its in a couple weeks. Now if its a hair test your fucked, no doubt
  4. I heard that follicile shampoos don't always work, but maybe it's worth a try? You just wash as usual, and in a few minutes your supposed to be "clean"...for 8 hours.
  5. Hope I'm not too late. If its a piss test u can pass by drinking lots of cranberry juice for the 24 hours leading up to the test. If its a blood or hair test your fucked like he said. Because it can stay up for a month in your blood stream.
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    I think It is a urine, but I will find out this week. I have to go thursday for a math test and lic/ bkgrd check, then they will call and tell me I got the job and I assume tell me when my dt is... I smoke every day for at least 5-6 yrs, I took a 15mg perc last thur and a 30mg OC this past FRI. other than that no pills to speak of in the last few weeks. But I havent smoked since Fri when I found out about the appt. Someone is getting me this job and I can't fuck it up...I'll be set for life, its a union job and the company dosent even advertise for help wanted...
  7. If there's a possibilty that it's a hair test, maybe you could try shaving your head clean.
  8. Wouldn't matter. They can use any hair sample on your body, and if they wanted the hair sample that bad they could chose to make him just take a blood test.
  9. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. They can still get microscopical follicles from your scalp, and it's not just limited to your head anyway. They can get it from anywhere hair grows: your face, your legs, your arms, your chest, even your underarms.

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