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  1. My mom is drunk and about to commit suicide what the fuck do I do?!
  2. Suicide hotline.
  3. or go tie her ass up and talk some sense into her lol, call the cops? family members?
  4. Yeah, just be like "mom.. stfu and go to bed" Then make sure all the knifes/pills/guns/explosives/tanks/helicopters/airplanes/Atom bombs/icbm's are out of her room and lock her the fuck in there.

    Or.... I can't think of anything else.. call teh cops or family members ^
  5. I dont know where she is, she wont tell me who shes with.
    Im too young to live the rest of my life without a mother :[
  6. ...Then how do you know she's gonna commit suicide?

    If she called you and told you, have the cops trace the call.. GPS tracking ftw.
  7. fuck the police tie that bitch up and kick her till she passes out
  8. Tell that selfish bitch to wise up.
  9. She called me and told me that Im killing her and that I would be happier without a mom and I was like "mom wtf are you talking about" and she said "my suicide note."
  10. Cell phones don't even have to be active to be tracked... So if she's really going apeshie get the cops to trace the number

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