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  1. i have two gro lights from wal mart 65w that enough? i also have a work light. one of those bright ass ones. it looks like the right spectrum looks yellow. umm any advice i got two plants one is a skunky smelling one that just started flowering and the other smells like pine its small and has buds on it longer that the plant is tall but theyre not thick please help me!
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  3. Go back to wal- mart and pick up one of those 500w mh floodlights or two if you wish, but they will get really hot so make sure your setup is right.
    The lights are from $9.00-up.
    and you cant just plug them in,but thy work well.
  4. ,,,You can't be serious....are you trying to say halogen floodlight,,,not mh floodlights,,,if so serious growing will never happen from those heaters...plant killers.

  5. What kind of lights have you been using? What type?
    Insufficient light - tall, stretching plants are usually from using the wrong kind of light. Don't use regular incandescent bulbs ("grow bulbs") or halogens to grow cannabis. These are way too hot and plants will stretch towards them to find a better spectrum of light.
    These bulbs are GE Gro and Show bulbs. Say "NO" to these bulbs for growing mj...I'm not sure if you're using these but one of them is 65W.

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  6. thats them i have two of them and an 18 inch flourecent Gro and Sho bulb, and a halogen (i guess) light the work light i was talkin about with the yellowish light. please help me!!!!!1

  7. Hoe gaat het met de mensen uit Nederland op deze fijne dag?
    Hoe veel hulp heeft die vent nog nodig?
    Ik zou niet weten hoe ik je nog verder moet helpen.

    IMO get some new bulbs and a fan if you don't already have one and if you want to get some yield out of those plants. Use ferts with a higher N than anything during vegetative (promotes strong stems) along with the fan. If you've already switched lighting to 12/12...well, then like Aaliyah would say, "Dust yourself off and try again."
    Good Luck!:smoke:
  8. so basically your saying "Chop them hoes down and plant anew? if so im with ya shit. im tired of witing 4 month and no big buds shit
    ok ill buy a light im limited in budget so please gimmie some suggestions Vato Loco or ne1.
  9. You still might be able to get some buds off those but I need some more info. How many plants are you growing, how old are your plants, how long have you been in 12/12?

    You best bet is to get a HPS from Home Depot or somewhere...the one by my house has a 150W floodlight. If I were in your shoes I would send the plants back to vegging at 18/6. Don't put them back under the the bulbs you have now. You can get a fluoro fixture and bulb for under $10 at Home Depot, Walmart, or Lowes. Then switch to 12/12 under those for somewhat of a yield or get a HPS. I'm not sure if you want to salvage those plants or not and if they're female they could turn hermie.

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