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  1. i dont know what happened, i germinated a seed, then I put it in soil, watered it, then it started to grow, but today it like fell over, i dont know what happened!!!!
  2. ahhh....the trials and tribulations of a new grower. Don't worry about it'll happen. Just germinate another seed. My guess is you overwatered it or even tried to fertilize it. Read the guides to germination on this site and try it again
  3. HIGH All, it could be post-emergence damping-off.

    Damping off is probably the most common disease of young seedlings. It is caused by several types of fungi that attack the stem at or near the soil level. This causes a collapse of the stem, and the seedling falls over and dies. Use of a soilless growing medium and careful watering to allow the surface of the medium to dry between waterings will help reduce damping off problems.
  4. called NO DAMP!!! It is very good at getting your seedlings off to a good start. You may also want to try and support your seedlings with a popsicle stick and some twist ties. Don't tie the seedling ,just use the twist ntie tied to the popsicle stick for the support of your seedligs. No Damp is very cheap,about 5$ canadian..... Peace!!!

  5. what kind of light did you have it under?.......Peace out......Sid
  6. How close was the light?
    How hard of a breese from fan?
    UNOIT has a good point,may have been what he said.
  7. Hey my name is windy my cousin planted a pot plant and i've
    never grown them and i dont know what they first start 2 look like. Can you tell me what they first start 2 look like because he gave me a plant that he planted pot seeds in it
    so can you tell me what they look like?


    sincerly windy2116
  8. look in the picture post forum......lots of pics in there of what they look like.......Peace out.........Sid

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