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  1. I know i am a newb and i am asking alot of questions but i jsut recently started a plant its about 1 week old and 2 in tall.. ive been growing it in part of a 2 liter bottle.. and just today it started to die and welt over- I have no clue what ent wrong.. the atmosphere didnt change at all and i didnt change the soil or anything can someone plllz help me??
  2. do you have any lighting? have you watered it? any ferts? gimme some more info m8
  3. I am using Light its a 40W light bulb and its possitioned away so that the temp is 75 Deg. I am using Miricle grow EXACTLY how the directions show on the package.. a spoon ful for every gallon.. I make sure the plant has water all the time.. it just --died-- and idk y! lol can u plz help so i dont make this mistake again and ruin another plant.. especialy if i buy 400$ seed!!!
  4. A few things here..

    #1..NO seed is worth 400 dollars...especially if you have no idea what your doing.

    #2.. If that is a regular incandescent light, your lpant wasn't gettnig any light and that contributed to its death.

    #3.. iracle grow is no good for mj plants...especially when its not diluted more than said on is high in salt and clogs up your plant..oh and at one week old, you shouldn't be ferting at all, that also helped to kill your baby plant. Dont start ferting till rougly 24-28 days
  5. well i wasnt talking LITERALY 400$!! i was talking about buying some expensive seeds!! u know!! i wouldnt want to ruin them... and they were getting PLENTY of light in my room even without the lights so the thing that probably killed it was the fertiliZER HUH?
  6. i am guessing fert or over watering both very common nu-b mistakes. Good luck in the future.

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