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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tnvsoulmates, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. alright here it is, 3days ago i took 3 hits off da pipe. Before that i havent smoked for 4 months. Since that day i have drank about a gallon of water each day,i have to test today. Its a urine test that goes to a lab. Any advice on passing it???????????????????????????
  2. You can relax, you would have passed the test like 2 weeks ago. Generally, for people that don't smoke that oftne, if you are drinking that much water, it should take a week tops. But if it is a lab test, I would wait two weeks just to be 100% sure. I passed one with a 2 week break and I was smoking every day before that.
  3. His test is today. So he cant wait 2 weeks.

    If you really have drank a gallon of water for 3 days then you might be clean since you only took 3 puffs prior to a 3 month t break.
  4. do u not understand anything lol?
  5. Damn... I read that wrong the first time. Well with only 3 hits in 4 months, you should have been able to flush enough with water to pass the test.
  6. Is this the right place to discuss drug testing?? Isn't there a place for it yet?
  7. haha was thinking the same thing
  8. Get some clean pee from one of your friends just in case, but you're probably alright. BTW, there is a sticky on this already.
  9. Your fine. 3 hits or a couple tokes won't be traceable anymore

  10. Your most likely fucked

    good luck

  11. Agreed. What most of you don't understand is that drinking water doesn't cleanse your entire body of THC, it merely dilutes the amount that's currently in your bladder (because they test for the ratio of THC to water, adding water lowers the ratio). Because it's a lab test, they WILL test to see if it's diluted and if it is that's an automatic fail.
  12. drink a shit load of water up untill teh test and take a creatine pill

  13. [​IMG]
  14. Take B vitamins. I think they are generally thought of as increased-life processes vitamins.

    You can find B vitamins in lots of fruits, and health/sports drinks. Exercise can't hurt, either :)
  15. Sounds like you ned a wizanator,saw it on tv the other night,100% foolproof.Its a device which straps on with a bag a temp guage and a outlet(dick).JUst make sure you get the urine from the same sex and you know its clean,it will heat up to within 1-2F. of your bodys temp. in a short time and as long as they dont get too close it works every time,prolly spelled it wrong but google it and let us know.Did you say the test is tomorow?Sorry man.

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