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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlazedPhool, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Should i get an eigth of dank for 60
    or a quarter or mids for 40

    i need responses asap thnx in advance
  2. I would personally go for them danks dude. haha Much more enjoyable. :smoking::smoking:

    Thats the same danks price i find around my area (MN)> where you from?
  3. every ones gunna say dank but is it dank like top top and that means mid is lke way below it is it high mids what i mean saving 20 bucks and getting doubl eis pretty good i mean its not shwag and decent mids still gets me stoned on less teh one bowl and im a daily smoker so ima vote mids
  4. haha my bad. VA. nice.

    but yeah... the 8th.
  5. um depends what you're probably going to be smoking out of i'd say. If you have a bong or piece go for the dank, but if you only got papers then mids for sure.

  6. Nice explanation Hippie. I am a daily as well and i would go for dank over mids anyday. if they selling it $40 it cant be anything that special. But hey ya never know, eh?

  7. ^^^^ Yeah. hahaha i like this bortron :smoking:
  8. Oh and i got them shoes Bortron! hahaha
  9. i smoke blunts and bongs

    but isnt 60 kinda pricey? im guess imma get the dank.

    alright well thanks....

  10. Well like i said in MN you cant find any danks less than that. i have seen 40 80's the other day. thats ridiculous.!!!!:confused:.
  11. For blunts get the mids FOR SURE.

    Twice the amount of bud for less money...
  12. Get a half of mids for 70. DONE.

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