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  1. i no this is stupid but why not try and experiment as im a beggineer soo ive planted 6 plants in soil and plant pots and there about 5 inches tall so far, and about 6 dayz old, and wen the sun is shining i put them in the sun and wen its crap i put them in my loft wid a normal lamp shade and 1 100 watt light and another 60 watt light so its not goin to waste and its gettin sum kind of light atleast, but wat will the out cum be ? am i wastin my time wid them like that way ? please as much info as possible as got no gear 4 a real set up ???????????
  2. You'll want to switch those out for CFL's

    As for "What are CFL's?" and all the other questions you have...


    Once you've answered most of your questions by reading what's there... come back and ask the tough questions you're still unsure about.

    You'll be able to ask the questions in a way that will allow people to easily help you. :)

    Thanks and hope to hear from ya soon! :)

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