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  1. i started growing a few weeks ago (a little late, i know)...and the plants are maturing (outdoors)...but im concerned what to do if we have a rain storm... are my plants going to get destroyed? what should i do?!?
  2. Its tough dealing with harsh weather. The best ya can do is try to predict/when it starts have a tarp system set up to cover them. much of the time though this isn't feesable due to the need to be stealth. The only other thing ya can do is make sure to visit your plants after the rain stops and shake the excess water off them. this will help ward off budrot,especially necessary at the end of the season.
  3. would they be ok if i just left them out there?? or are they probably going to just drown or get tossed over by the wind and rain?
  4. Well how old are they? How tall are they? And did they start outside or were they just moved from indoors?

  5. they are about 3 weeks..maybe 1 1/2 - 2 feet tall...i started them outside but i had them in small enough pots where i could bring them in and outside everyday for light...
  6. I would say that you are going to be fine. As long as there arent any out of the ordinarily strong storms ya should be fine.
  7. they will be fine.. if ya are worried, throw a stake in the ground.. tie it.. and you are good to go!

    good luck!



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