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Discussion in 'General' started by Sm0k3, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. whats the best way to hide a pound and a half a weed and shrooms in a car? im taking a 4000 mile road trip soon and i know that im gonna get pulled over at LEAST twice, i know its a stupid question, but SEARCH found nothing, and i dont need this on my record... Thanks all! Later!

    EDIT: Cops here blow, they always try to search your car/truck...
  2. have a look in your car for things u can pull up/move that your not suposed to be able to, see if u cant stick it in there
  3. there isnt much to move, maybe i can stash it in my speaker box... my car is a 97 cavalier that has been stripped to make room for 4 18" kicker S18X subs, and 2 10,000 watt amps.
  4. Bad idea man. You're gonna go to jail. There is enough of a chance for a canine unit to be brought to the car to make it not worth doing.
  5. hmmmm.... well i would seperate the 1 1/2 pound in smaller baggies...like ounces.... and hide them all over the car...cus a pound if pretty big to hide...... i dunno i dont have a car sorry... good luck! have a great road trip!
  6. lol thanks, i think im gonna go with spliting it up, and ive heard from my cousin that if you vacuum seal the bags with one of those storage things it is harder for the K-9 unit to detect it, does anyone know if that is true?
  7. worse fucking idea ever..... you want it all in one bag......

    stick it behing your dash..... in most cars you can pop out the section of the radio and what not..... then stick your hand in and slide it behind your gauges.....it takes a little work.....but i'd take ten minutes not to get arrested....

    either that.... or take the bottom screw out of your door pannel and slide it very very very far up one of your door pannels and re-screw then leave it be.


    Interior lights on the celing..... they can usually pop out with some tugging....after you pop the light off, slide the matting to the side and push whatever your hiding far far back....put the pading back in place re insert light and your in business.....

    it might be a lot of effort.....but your less likely to go to jail.

    if your caught your fucked though.....good luck...... :D
  8. Just so you know, dogs can small small amounts of weed easier than large amounts. I got this info from a pothead friend of mine that works at a vet and asked a cop cuz she was curious. If I were you I'd prolly split it into 3 half pounds and take my dash off and find places to cram it in. Also, to help get rid of the smell I'd vacuum pack it in bags, wash the bags and place them in more bags. Make sure to wash very well with soap. Wash your hands real well, too. Stick it in 2 or 3 bags. After you hide it, febreze the whole damn car. Soak the thing. Then get a can of instant coffee and poke some holes in the lid. Place the can near your weed. I've heard that it helps mask the smell from dogs. Then, get a couple of those smelly can things you stick under your seat and put under both of the front seats. What we're aiming for here is overkill so nothing can be smelled. Make sure to also bag and hide your paraphenalia.
  9. try emptying your windshield washer fluid tank and throw all your bud in there...

    (just thought of this, dont know if its possible/would work/is safe)
  10. ok first off, InferiorWang and gravy abviously know what there doing lol.

    second, im going to look over my entire car tonight and see what ive got to work with, but im sure its not much, like i said, my car is stripped. im for sure going to vacuum seal everything many times, the windshield washer fluid container idea seems like it would work if u seal the weed up good, but im worried it may get a bit hot under the hood...

    ive also noticed that in the rear bumper of my body kit, there is a sort of compartment on the underside, it looks like i may be able to hid it there as well. Thanks for the help!

    ill keep you all posted about my trip, im bringing my laptop and cell phone so ill have satalite internet durring the trip.

    lol cant live without the city! lates!
  11. I would advise against breaking it up into smaller amounts, that will add an"intent to sell" to the charges. In my car the back of the trunk has holes on each side that lead all the way to the rear of the doors, I used to tie the brick to a string and drop it down the hole, then tie the other end to a, non-visible from the outside, part of the frame. You should also vacuum out the car, you don't want any seeds, stems, or roaches laying around.Don't have any papers, clips, pipes, or other paraphenalia in the passenger compartment either. Wait to smoke until you get to where you are going. Lastly, if you don't have a reason or story for going , get one . Make it simple and make sure everyone in the car has the same story/destination. Nothing is more suspicious than two people in the same car saying they are going somewhere different or for differing reasons.

    Drive safely.
  12. well we do have a reason, it is to visit some friends in new mexico, and i never smoke in my car, its my baby ;)
  13. ^ all the more reason to smoke in it! your baby should share your fun!

  15. Yes...
    Always say no...
    They may try to coerce you...
    They may try to make you think you must concede to a search...
    But you don't ever have to...
    You can say no, and if they still want to search your vehichle, they can hold you for a short amount of time while they try to obtain a warrant...
    Some cops won't even bother trying to get one and just let you go...
    More often than not, saying no will benefit you far more than conceding to a search and risking having the officers find anything...
    If they search without your concent, they can't nail you on anything...
    Just make sure nothing that will give them probable cause to search is out in the open such as a pipe or roach clip...
  16. Well, there would be no reason to search my car that i can think of, like i said, i dont smoke in my car, it is spotless and smelless, and thats how its gonna stay.... at least until the memory of cleaning her fades... that was one LONG week ;)


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