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  1. i live in western Pennsylvania in a rural area. I put the seeds in moist paper towels for them to sprout and they did. the i put the seeds in top grade soil with chopped up onions for vitamines and shit for the plants. im starting them indoors then transplanting them outside. my mom knows im doing it and would help me in anyway. so id like to know how much light they need, how much water all the shit i should do to keep them alive and good. so if anyone could help me id be very thankful. later
  2. hey,
    water every 2-3 days or stick your finger in the soil about an inch down...if its dry water.As for lighting..they can use as much light as you can give them..until you want them to flower.If its possible try starting them off under some floros until you want them to flower..preferably when your plants are about a foot tall.
    hope this helps a bit
    later and good luck
  3. oh yeah..
    and the lights should stay on 24/24..until like i said your ready to flower them
  4. should i have a fan blowing air in or out or anything like that?
  5. yes.....have the fan gently blowing across the plant, this will help strengthen the stem, and if it was under a more powerfull light, it would help keep the temperture down as well.........Peace out........Sid

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