Discussion in 'General' started by spacebunni, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. okay. heres the scenario. i have two plants, and someone called the cops on me saying that they were mine. both plants were about 1' and a half to 2'. theres no evidence that i physically planted them except that i was caught checking up on them once.thats why the person called the cops on me. my parents manage the building and knew i planted them, but didnt know it was marijuana. my babies were pulled i wasnt home when the cops came so i dont know what they said but question.. whats going to happen to me, what should i do or say?

    not looking to get arrested here.
  2. Don't get railroaded for growing a plant. Say you didn't plant them, You were just looking. You discovered them. Did anyone see you put them in the ground or tend to them?
  3. I think you should figure out who narced out you and you should kill them, thats the first thing you should do. And second, just say they have no evidence affiliating the marijuana plants to you. They can't do shat.
  4. Get a lawyer. That's step #1. Then, deny deny deny.

  5. yea..i looked at them every other night..i dont know if anyone noticed me.
  6. Unless they have pictures, Deny everthing.

  7. i was told they took pictures.

    so thats pictures and regular checking up.
  8. well if they have pictures they will show them to you to get you to fess up. cuz they dont wanna go thru a trial and all that shit if they dont gotta.

    so... if they dont show u pics then i doubt they have em.
    and if they DO, the pictures have to be perfectly clear and leave no doubt it's you, which might be kinda hard to do depending on where u were growing (cuz i doubt theyd be using telescopic lenses and crap just to catch a smalltime grower). if the pics only look like u or are taken from the back etc, then u can contest that shit. but hopefully there are no pics =]

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