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  1. I just planted some new seeds and when they came up for some reason there are two plants in the soil. Is it ok for them both to grow or should i take one out?
  2. Hi Sublime Guy.

    I had one of those recently from an AK47 seed I germed last week (10 days ago actually, pic below). Is yours like that?

    My friend who went to Agricultural College said that if a seed has just sprouted and gets stressed by something (weird temperatures or big fluctuations, too much/little light, too much/little water) or if the sprout gets traumatised (eg by repotting) then it may push out a second sprout to try to ensure that one of the two survives. This usually only happens shortly after the first sprout and if there is enough energy left in the seed to do so. It can also be caused by genetics (it's "programmed" to do so) or by a mutation (so leaving your seeds in a nuclear reactor could cause it. Ha-ha!)

    Anyway, my friend said that removing it would be akin to a siamese twin separation operation since the root system is shared. You could snip the top off if you really want to but in such a young plant it could kill it. It's best left. The two should grow fairly harmoniously. It may be a little shorter than average (possibly) but other than that it will be fine.

    Hope this helps...


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  3. Let your plants grow until the day comes when you know they are males. This comes via induced flowering using a 12/12 photoperiod.Usually after 2 no later than 3 weeks you can tell the males. They have small balls which form into pollen sacks. The males can be made into hash. The females will swell with THC looking for the pollen to make seeds. No seeds is the term for Sinsemilia.It is your duty to grow the females. You may want to save some males to breed, to have crosses,but be careful not to keep them to close to the girls.

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  4. Tanks for the help. I'm pretty sure there were two seeds tho because the two sprouts are pretty for away from each other. And another thing, how much should they grow before you should snip off the top part of the plant?
  5. thats why ya just cut it at the base THC101 :)

    and about polinating, just wait until it starts to form, it wont polinate till awhile after Its made the balls.

    Though I do suggest cutting it out, no use 2 plants absorb too many nutrients in so small a pot, and one will block the others light eventually,
  6. I recently fathered siamese twins. They were skunkXberry from peak seads. :) I let them grow togther until they were strong plants then repotted them seperatly. I hope they are both females they look so pretty. At first I thought it was a mutant seed with 2 roots. I let it grow and it turned to 2 plants. I had a three leaved sprout from the same strand. Damn global warming.

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